The Sherman Oaks Community Children’s Chorus is a workshop and "feeder group" for the well-known "Carol Lombard Kids".

As the Sherman Oaks Community Children's Chorus, the group has performed in and around the Los Angeles area since it's inception 25 years ago. A couple of the highlights in the early years of the group were the re-occurring performances on the annual Dorthy Chandler Pavillion Christmas Show as well as performing for the U.S. Olympians in 1984.

As the Carol Lombard Kids, the group has worked on so many commercials, movies, television shows and records that it is hard to keep count! A short list of credits can be seen on this site however. Some of the more memorable experiences for the "Kids" have come from working with such amazing people as Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson and Barbara well as on movies such as The Butcher's Wife and Die Hard II.....and re-occurring performances on the soap opera The Young and the Restless.

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