It takes more than one person to make our group work. Here are Carol's associates, their jobs and a bit about them.

Associate Director/Keyboardist

Jeff has 25 years of experience working in music for movies, records, TV and radio. Starting out playing in local bands gave him experience in all musical idioms including County Western, Rock, Swing, and Jazz.

This versatility enabled him to begin working as a session player working on many records and radio/TV commercials. Later he began composing and arranging commercials - hundreds of them - for clients like Ford Motor Company, PetCo, Thrifty, and NBC to name a few.

More recently he has been involved with scoring animated feature video for children, where he has been delighted to write for major artists Randy Travis, C.C. Wynans, Taj Mahal, Rosemary Clooney, and David Hyde Pierce.

Director's Note: Jeff is one of the biggest reason's for the success of The Carol Lombard kids over the past two decades. Aside from being an extremely talented musician he is also a kind and caring person and a joy to work with.


Billie's bio will be here soon

Assistant Choreographer and Graduate of The Carol Lombard Kids

Kimmie's bio will be here soon also.